Wednesday, 20 November 2002 - 3:30 PM
Hilton San Francisco Union Square 22 (110)

PREV-243. Tobacco-Free Academy—Building Your Academy From the Ground Up

Sara B. Dunlap, MA, FIVCO District Health Department, Department of Public Health, Administrative Offices,, Marty Vannatter, BSN RN, FIVCO District Health Department,

Learning Objectives: Explain the concept and format of the Tobacco Free Academy Identify appropriate community partners Develop a program tailored to their region and needs

Abstract: Youth smoking: an issue facing the medical and educational community, as well as parents across the country. At 47% Kentucky has the highest youth smoking rate in the United States and leads the nation in youth experimentation with cigarettes before age thirteen. Since many youth are already addicted by age thirteen, this program’s goal is to reach youth with important tobacco information prior to those teen years. The Tobacco Free Academy is a collaborative effort between public health, hospitals and the regional tobacco prevention center to educate fourth, fifth and sixth grade youth about the damaging effects of tobacco. Youth progress through five active and interactive stations designed to teach them the effect of tobacco on body systems; peer pressure and how to avoid it; and the amazing reach of tobacco companies and their advertising campaigns designed to draw youth into smoking addiction. The results of attending the TFA are youth who are better informed, confident in their knowledge and able to make healthier choices about tobacco use. This presentation features a video of the Tobacco Free Academy, how to develop partners, pursue possible funding sources and the cost to educate over a thousand youth in less that one year.

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