Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 11:45 AM
Hilton San Francisco Union Square 22 (110)

This presentation is part of MEDI-23. How To Leverage Media at the Local Level

Funding Media Campaigns at the Local Level Pays Off

Jim Harrington, MSc, Marquette County Health Department, Community Health, jharrington@hline.localhealth.net, George Sedlacek, MA, gsedlacek@hline.localhealth.net.

Learning Objectives: Describe 5 benefits of a local media campaign and 2 ways states can work with local coalitions.

Abstract: Funding Media Campaigns at the Local Level Pays Off

Many states fund paid media campaigns at the state level setting up contracts that end up paying top dollar for ads that are placed. In addition the media campaign may not be coordinated with local efforts and activities to produce policy change or awareness. Local and regional coalitions are in a better position to obtain a lower rate on paid ads and craft a campaign that will meet their coalition objectives.

Local coalition leaders and state media tobacco coordinators can work together and produce a more cost effective and successful campaign that gets youth active and produces policy change. Grants from state and local agencies were obtained and used for developing a regional media campaign that was paired with local coalition activities. Utilizing ads produced at the Center for Disease Control Media Campaign Resource Center and some of their locally produced ads the Marquette County Tobacco Prevention Coalition coordinated a media campaign which reached over 90 percent of the population and produced over 10 municipal smokefree policies. The Marquette coalitions received a 3 for 1 match for the ads purchase at the local level because of their relationships with the media.

Participants will learn how to negotiate a 3 for 1 match on paid ads and incorporate coalition activities to influence clean indoor air policy and restrictions on tobacco advertising.

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