Wednesday, 20 November 2002
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This presentation is part of POLI-188. Poster Session

Tobacco-Free Road on College Campuses

Ann-Jeanette P. Orante, MPH, Alameda County Public Health Department, Community Health Services,, Sang Leng Trieu, MPH,, Vanessa Wise,, Gini Crockett,

Learning Objectives: Identify the steps necessary to implement a stronger smoking policy on college campuses.

Abstract: The tobacco industry has been targeting the 18-24 year old population, many of whom are in college. According to the Centers of Disease Control, tobacco use among this population throughout the country is at a high level. In 1999, approximately 40% of college students were current tobacco users. The AC-STARSS (Alameda County Students Towards a Rapid Smoke-Free School) Project is a three-year collaborative project between the Alameda County Public Health Department Tobacco Control Program, Ohlone Community College - Fremont, Las Positas Community College - Livermore, and the Berkeley Tobacco Prevention Program in conjunction with the University of California - Berkeley. The project strives to advocate for stronger smoking policies on campus with the goal of becoming completely smoke-free. This session will identify the effective strategies and the importance of key players: the role of student clubs as a driving force; the role of student health centers in promoting student wellness and serving as the liaison for coordination of activities; and the role of the Public Health Department to provide guidance and validity to the project. This unique collaboration has assisted the project in the development of partnerships that balance power as well as share resources among partners and diverse perspectives. Presenters will share specific examples of creative approaches in developing a road map in establishing a stronger tobacco policy while obtaining support from students, faculty, staff, administration, Environmental Services, and the Board of Directors. Specific educational materials and outreach strategies to a diverse student body will also be discussed.

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