Thursday, 21 November 2002
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A School-Based Web Site To Enhance Communication and Partnerships Among Schools, Local Public Health, and Communities

Arlene A. Thornton, BA, Minnesota Department of Health,

Learning Objectives: describe how schools and local public health agencies can communicate with parents, teachers and students using a school based web site.

Abstract: PROBLEM/OBJECTIVE To bridge the communication gap among schools, local communities and local public health agencies by providing contact information for these groups on a web site. This web site is a direct link to students, parents, and teachers with information on tobacco control and other youth risk behavior issues, activities, and policies. State and local public health and education agencies, provide tobacco control and other health information for these web sites that promote best practices, local resources, and health related events.

METHODS This school template-based web site provides: 1. Health information for students, teachers, and parents 2. School information such as activity calendar, lunch menus, news, homework, and 3. Links to resources. Registered schools add their own information using online templates to create a web site or link with an existing site. The site encourages partnerships and collaboration among schools and local health agencies. It provides tools for implementing school health programs and links to additional resources.

RESULTS One hundred Minnesota schools have signed up for the program. MDH is providing materials and information on tobacco control, nutrition, and physical activity. Links are being provided to schools and local public health agencies to access information through other web sites.

DISCUSSION Use of this web site is a tool to: 1. Link public health and learning instutions at the local level 2. Increase communication and strengthen partnerships among school, public health and community organizations, and 3. Provide quality tobacco control and other health information for parents, students and schools to enforce positive health messages and promote healthy choices.

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