Wednesday, 20 November 2002 - 4:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco Sutter A & B (90)

This presentation is part of MEDI-237. Working To Create Effective Counter-Marketing Messages

Working With Youth Leads to Effective Counter-Marketing Campaign

MaryBeth T. Welton, BS CHES, Maine Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health, Division of Community Health,

Learning Objectives: Work with local youth to develop effective television ads that further the statewide media messages.

Abstract: Involving youth in producing a media campaign can lead to unexpected results - both for them and for the state tobacco prevention and control program. We’ll focus on how to empower the youth involved as well as keeping a campaign message “on strategy”. We set out to develop a campaign that truly was by and of and for youth – and who better to do that than young people themselves. We’ll outline how we met with local youth, provided them with instruction and a camera to record their brainstorming sessions. We’ll then talk about how we edited their ideas into compelling 30 second ads. We further involved the youth by having them present their ads to the news media – during day long media tours. We’ll even demonstrate how you try to sell the compelling yet controversial tagline “tobacco sucks” that our young people ended every ad with. From the Commissioner’s office to local school superintendents – we’ll review how we worked to get everyone to stand behind the kids in their message to Big Tobacco.

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