Wednesday, 20 November 2002
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This presentation is part of POLI-188. Poster Session

Electronic Prevention Community Organizer ( An Online Tool for Tobacco Prevention Policy Advocacy

Lynn C. Cook, CHES MHS, Danya International, Inc,

Learning Objectives: list at least three ways in which the website would benefit a community advocacy initiative for tobacco use prevention.

Problem/Objective: Conducting tobacco policy advocacy requires hard work from a committed group of individuals working together toward a policy goal. The effort can require a high level of communication and knowledge. Many times, tobacco prevention advocates lack the tools, resources, time, or level of expertise necessary to meet the challenges of conducting an effective policy advocacy campaign against a powerful and well-funded adversary.
METHODS: We developed under a Small Business Innovative Research contract from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to give tobacco and other substance abuse prevention advocates the tools and resources they need to conduct policy advocacy campaigns.
RESULTS: Through focus group and case study evaluation, we’ve learned that community-based organizations would use ePrevco. EPrevco’s resource center is considered a valuable source of technical information. Through ePrevco, advocates created their own websites, conducted online chats, conducted polls, shared documents, utilized an online calendar of events, and more.

Discussion: Online organizing gives coalitions a presence on the Web where others can learn more about their issues, advocacy plans, and needs. EPrevco provides a portal through which advocates can share information, strategies, and lessons learned.

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