Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 2:30 PM
Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel Sienna Room (80)

This presentation is part of COMP-69. Good Connections: Social Marketing, Policy Objectives, and Baseline Information

Good Connections: Linking Social Marketing to Policy Objectives for Powerful Results

Reba P. Griffith, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health (K50), rkg4@cdc.gov, Diane Beistle, BA, zgv1@cdc.gov.

Learning Objectives: Identify current private sector strategies for linking policies to marketing of their products, and relate these examples to public sector marketing strategies. Describe current definitions and roles of policy development and social marketing in the context of tobacco control - as well as how the two functions can work together to encompass a "best practices" approach. Explain how linking policy development and social marketing can better achieve measurable and identifiable outcomes in a cost-effective way.

Abstract: *
Problem/Objective: While social marketing messages can be creative, important, and mobilizing, the best of these campaigns are linked to an overall policy objective. Unfortunately, sometimes social marketing operates independently of a “master plan” or key policy objective. *
Methods: Three OSH health communicators will share their research and experiences in linking social marketing creative flair with sharply-honed, well-informed policy. We will share examples from our own work, from the private sector, and from other state and local social marketing-policy partnerships. *
Results: Audience will bring home with them current, relevant examples, tools to work with so they can apply these principles in their work, and they will be better equipped to prudently invest MSA or other dollars in to their social marketing efforts for optimal policy-linked results. *Discussion: Successful private sector marketing efforts rarely overlook the need for a policy tie-in to their marketing. For example, Coca-Cola or Pepsi not only promotes big campaigns, but they make sure their vending machines are in the right places and that their multi-faceted vendors are on board with new messages. All of this starts with a fresh understanding of policy and strategic planning. Hands-outs will be provided offering: (1) tools of how to make these links, (2) lessons learned in public and private sector settings, (3) why the policy approach is engaging and effective, and (4) creative ways of bringing these ideas to life at the state and/or local level.

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