Thursday, 21 November 2002
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Michigan's Tobacco-Free College Initiative

Teri Wilson, MPH, Michigan Department of Community Health, Tobacco Control Program,

Learning Objectives: Identify and collaborate with community organizations and students and utilize specific resources to work on tobacco-free college campus initiatives

Abstract: Tobacco use has significantly increased among college students, ages 18-24, during the past decade. Smoking rates among this group have surpassed the smoking rates of adolescents. The high smoking rates among college students may be due to multiple factors, including the recent shift in tobacco industry advertising towards young adults, ages 18 to 25. Furthermore, tobacco prevention efforts during the past decade have focused on younger youth. Tobacco prevention efforts need to be expanded to the college population. Michigan has recently implemented a statewide tobacco-free college initiative to reduce tobacco use among Michigan's college campuses. This program is for college students, staff, and tobacco control professionals interested in working towards tobacco-free campuses. The Michigan tobacco-free college campus initiative is based on steps developed by colleges with effective, comprehensive tobacco-free college campaigns. An overview of the initiative will be presented, including the development of on-campus student coalitions, community collaboration, and utilization of specific tobacco-free college resources. Outcomes from the initiative will also be presented, with evaluation results from the state's tobacco-free campus training, in addition to the types of tobacco-free policies that have been implemented among Michiganís participating colleges and universities. The outcomes will include ideas and recommendations to help conference participants with their current or future tobacco-free college campus efforts.

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