Thursday, 21 November 2002 - 8:30 AM
Hilton San Francisco Continental Ballroom 4 (475)

PREV-257. Generation XYZ—Understanding Youth and Their Culture, and Learning To Work Together Effectively

Christine M. Ortiz, Revolution,, Shannon Brewer, Washington State,

Learning Objectives: Recognze and explain basic youth culture, attitudes, ideas, and feelings towards both everyday life and tobacco control. List the 8 most effective actions participants and coworkers can take to foster a productive adult-youth relationship. Apply this knowledge to existing or developing programs by identifying the missing aspects of their current adult-youth relationships, and developing a detailed plan to make the necessary changes.

Abstract: The successes or failures of youth empowerment tobacco control programs lies in the ability of adults to understand the youth they are working with, be sensitive to their abilities, needs, desires, and culture, respecting them as individuals while noting unifying commonalities across demographics. Adults must learn how to lead by stepping back, how to empower youth that are everywhere told what to do and how to do it, and how to guide youth to a successful program without controlling or alienating. This session will allow participants into the mind of the youth they are working with through an interactive presentation by ‘not quite youth, not quite adult’ veterans of tobacco control programs who have worked on both sides of campaigns – as the driving force behind campaigns during high school and later as government employed program coordinators. Participants will also learn the 8 R’s of working with youth effectively, and what an effective youth empowerment model outlines as the role of an adult relative to the role of the youth. Participants will isolate those aspects of their current programs that are not as successful as they could be, and brainstorm ways to apply this new knowledge. Ample time for discussion will be allowed, where specific problems can be addressed to presenters, who can provide solutions based on over 4 years of experience with programs ranging from Florida to Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, West Virginia, Wisconsin to the National Truth Campaign -from state wide to community based as founders and participants to consultants, trainers, and program developers.

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