Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 4:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco Continental Ballroom 4 (475)

POLI-73. Investing in Comprehensive Tobacco Control and Prevention: Saving Lives and Saving Money

Mitchell R. Zeller, JD, American Legacy Foundation, mzeller@americanlegacy.org, Lyndon Haviland, DrPH, American Legacy Foundation, lhaviland@americanlegacy.org.

Learning Objectives: · From this presentation, attendees will learn how to better articulate the argument that when states invest in comprehensive tobacco control and prevention programs they save lives and money. · Attendees will gain a clearer understanding of how to educate opinion leaders about how sound a fiscal policy it is to establish tobacco control programs that will reduce the number of young people who start using tobacco and help addicted adult users quit.

Abstract: Audience: Those who will most benefit from this session are state and local tobacco control advocates. Participants will be able to use the information the session provides to strengthen the case for adequate and sustained funding of tobacco control activities.

Key Points: Key points in the presentation will include:

· Description of Legacy’s report, “Saving Lives, Saving Money: Why States Should Invest In A Tobacco-Free Future” which documents for the first time what each state would save in Medicaid cost payments if reductions (from 5% to 50%) in adult smoking prevalence could be attained. · Analysis of how quickly states will begin to benefit from these savings once reductions in prevalence are achieved. · Analysis of the communications strategies and tools needed to disseminate critical types of reports and data at state and local levels. · Discussion of data and communications resources for state and local policy makers. · Evaluation of key policy questions and research needs that support investments in tobacco control as sound public health and fiscal policy.

Educational Experience: Interactive panel presenters will use power point and other presentation technologies. The participants will have ample to time to ask and receive responses to their questions.

Benefits: This session will be valuable to tobacco control practitioners at all levels. Most conference attendees conduct tobacco control efforts at the state and local level and will acquire tools to help them articulate the importance of state and local investment in comprehensive tobacco control and prevention programs.

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