Thursday, 21 November 2002 - 10:30 AM
Hilton San Francisco Union Square 22 (110)

COMP-317. Becoming a Tobacco-Free Medical Campus: Are We Ready?

Elizabeth G. Diette, BSN, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Cardiology, Dorset Street Cardiology,, Rachel Smith, MSA, Area Health Education Center, Arnold 5,, Evelyn A. Sikorski, CSW, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Office of Health Improvement,, Alan S. Rubin, MD, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Area Health Education Center,

Learning Objectives: Identify the challenges inherent in promoting and enforcing a tobacco - free medical campus. Describe key resources needed to facilitate the transition and sustain the tobacco - free policy. Explain different methods to promote positive patient, family and employee relations in a tobacco - free enviroment.

Abstract: All Health Care Providers composing of physicians, nurses, dentists, social workers and related support staff in both the In-patient and Out-patient clinical settings; will find this presentation beneficial in developing and maintaining an effective tobacco free environment.

We will review the necessary components for creating and maintaining a tobacco - free facility: administrative support, communication, enlisting staff support, developing a "core team" of representatives from the many differing services within your facility, developing educational materials, implementation tools and strategies, quality assurance measurements and markers, identifying and utilizing resources within your facility, enlisting staff support, and ongoing program support programs.

Fletcher Allen Health Care became a tobacco - free campus in August 2001. This transition has not always been easy, but we all agree that it is the best interest of our patients, their families and our employees. We will share the "lumps and bumps" of our journey, in hopes of assisting your facility as you prepare for change.

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