Wednesday, 20 November 2002 - 9:00 AM
Hilton San Francisco Continental 1 - 3 (300)

This presentation is part of PREV-108. Topics in Youth Tobacco Use Prevention

Smoking Ads on TV as Movie Ads?

Cheryl Healton, DrPH, American Legacy Foundation,, Lyndon Haviland, DrPH,, Jane Appleyard, MA,, Anna Stewart, BS,, Peter Messeri, PhD,

Learning Objectives: Describe the prevalence of smoking in ads for movies aired on TV. Know how frequently they occur, what audience they reach, what message they send (i.e. based on who is smoking in what situation) and how they are derived from the movie itself. Communicate to policy makers the likely effect of these “ ads” of youth acceptance of tobacco use.

Abstract: Problem: The extent to which movie ads shown on television contain smoking.

Methods &
RESULTS: 9 months of TV aired ads for movies have been analyzed to determine the frequency of smoking in TV aired ads; the context of the smoking; the rating of the movie in which smoking occurs in the aired ad; the frequency with which smoking is “drawn” from the trailer footage for the aired ad; finally, the authors will analyze the media buy for the aired ad and its reach among various segments of the population. Results are not yet available.

Discussion: Public policy implications will be discussed. Attendees will understand the extent to which movie ads shown on television contain smoking and will gain a clear understanding of the number and frequency of smoking images contained in trailers of all types of movies, and the policy implications of smoking imagery being broadcast to youth audiences.

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