Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 2:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco Plaza A & B (675)

COMP-70. A Training Module: Basics of Tobacco Control

Dearell Niemeyer, MPH, Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, dniemey@sph.emory.edu, Jane Trowbridge, CHES MPH RN, Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, jtrowbr@sph.emory.edu, Lisa M. Carlson, CHES MPH, Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, lcarlso@sph.emory.edu.

Learning Objectives: Describe the Tobacco and Technical Assistance Consortium’s (TTAC) CD-ROM basic training program for new employees and grantees. Illustrate increased knowledge of the practice of tobacco control in order to implement a basic training program in their state or local organization. Conduct an assessment of the competencies of their organization and determine where technical assistance is needed.

Abstract: Audience— New/limited experience tobacco control program managers and health education specialists at the state and local levels, consultants and trainers who are responsible for tobacco control programs. Key Points— · New state and local employees and grantees will receive an orientation to the science and practice of tobacco control. · TTAC’s new CD-ROM, the basis of the workshop, increases the accessibility and consistency of basic training for new employees and grantees. · Workshop facilitators will train the audience on how to use the program for their self-development. · Training module includes a self-assessment of competencies for state and local organizations to build more effective programs. Educational Experience— The audience will walk through the steps of the CD-ROM training module and the self-assessment tool, increasing their knowledge and learning how they can be implemented at the state and local levels. Participants will have the opportunity for hands-on involvement in the learning process and will take home the CD-ROM and other materials. Benefits— A new resource is available for tobacco control programs with a need to improve the knowledge and skills of new employees and grantees. Additionally, through an assessment of competencies, organizations can identify their needs for technical assistance.
TTAC Presentation on Basics of Tobacco Control.ppt (877.0 kb)

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