Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 2:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco Powell A & B (90)

COMP-50. How—and Why—To Get Published in "Tobacco Control"

Phillip M. Wilbur, MA, American Heart Association, phillip.wilbur@heart.org

Learning Objectives: know what types of submissions will meet the needs of the editors of the journal, Tobacco Control; know the logistics of how to submit an article for publication in tobacco control; better understand the importance of Tobacco Control to the tobacco control movement

Abstract: Simon Chapman, David Simpson and/or their American colleagues on the editorial board of the journal, Tobacco Control, will lead a session on how to get published in this journal and why the journal is an important resource for the tobacco control movement. They will discuss the different types of articles that are published, how the on-line version of Tobacco Control can serve as an important resource, and future plans for the journal.

Please note: This abstract was submitted by Phil Wilbur at the request of Simon Chapman; Phil will not be one of the presenters.

Also note: This session might be combined with similar presentations from the editors of other relevant journals such as the Journal of the American Public Health Association, the Journal of the American Medical Association or the New England Journal of Medicine.

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