Thursday, 21 November 2002 - 1:30 PM
Hilton San Francisco Powell A & B (90)

This presentation is part of POLI-340. Practical Advice for Building a Strong State Advocacy Movement

Public-Private Partnership for Tobacco Prevention Advocacy

Lina Tucker-Reinders, MPH, Minnesota Department of Health, Community Health Division, Tobacco Prevention and Control Section,, Corinne Ertz, BA,, Lina Tucker Reinders, MPH,, Matt Flory, BA,

Learning Objectives: Describe a model for a public-private partnership to develop a statewide infrastructure that supports tobacco prevention advocacy.

Abstract: Problem: State health departments are a rich resource for technical and policy relevant information related to tobacco prevention and control. However, they are often limited in how they may use that information by legal restrictions on lobbying activities and public perception of educational and advocacy activities as portrayed by the media. Method: The Minnesota Department Health [MDH] has partnered with the American Cancer Society, Midwest Division [ACS] to develop a statewide infrastructure for mobilizing health department grantees, ACS volunteers, and other grassroots activists around tobacco prevention issues.
Results: The benefits of this partnership have been a network with access to up-to-date scientific and political information, quick turnaround for responding to new political developments, consistent and frequent messaging to policymakers, flexibility to achieve goals while working within restrictions when implementing activities, and a broader and more effective base of support than either organization could mobilize independently. Discussion: This partnership is working to make sure that policymakers across the state are kept informed on pressing tobacco prevention issues and engaged with the constituents whom they represent regarding tobacco prevention policies. Representatives of both MDH and ACS will present the model of this partnership, describe specific activities, and discuss lessons learned.
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