Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 2:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco Continental Ballroom 5 (490)

D&D-37. Research Capacity Building for Priority Populations

Kim B. Kim, PhD, Korean Resource Center, kimbkim@korean-center.org

Learning Objectives: Understand the impact of tobacco use in Korean communities.

Abstract: The rates of smoking and smoking-related-disease among Korean Americans are high, especially among men. But few existing smoking cessation programs are tailored to be relevant or effective among this population. Working with a coalition of public health agencies, the Johns Hopkins University and Korean community organizations, KRC will seek to reduce Korean Americansí high smoking rates through a three-year tobacco-use reduction demonstration project. KRC and Johns Hopkins will conduct community cessation classes, media campaigns and innovative community events such as group smoking cessation contests, all of which will reflect professional and community input. The programís impact on a target community will be evaluated; findings will be disseminated through reports and journal articles.

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