Thursday, 21 November 2002: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

Hilton San Francisco Union Square 17 & 18 (90)

EVAL-345. Evaluating Your Paid and/or Earned Media Campaign Efforts

Moderator:Sherry L. Emery, MBA PhD
1:30 PM Anti-Smoking Advertising and the Gross Ratings Point: Commercial Media Data and Their Uses for Assessing Effects of Media Campaigns on Youth
Sherry L. Emery, MBA PhD, Glen Szczpka, George Balch, PhD
2:00 PM Working Out the Kinks: Tips on Selecting the Right Evaluator and Evaluation Method for Your Media Campaign
Sheila E. Porter, MPA, Lisa J. Petersen, MS, David F. Sly, PhD
Program Area:Evaluation and Surveillance

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