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EVAL-264. Evaluation and Surveillance Posters

Utilizing Community Indicators To Link Process Measures to Program Outcomes*
Annie M. Beigel, MFA, Annie Beigel, MFA, Harlan Juster, PhD, Theresa Hinman
To Call or Not To Call: Characteristics of People Who Choose To Call a Quitline
Shannon M. Carlin, K. Michael Cummings, PhD, Ursula Bauer, PhD, Paula Celestino, BA
Communicating Data to Diverse Audiences
Ann L. Christiansen, MPH, David Ahrens, MS, Barbara Hill, MSSW, Patrick Remington, MD MPH
Is Current Cigarette Smoking Prevalence the Best Way To Measure a Tobacco Control Program's Progress?
Ann L. Christiansen, MPH, Todd Eisenberg, BS, Patrick Remington, MD MPH
Utility of a Geographic Database of Tobacco Data and Contextual Variables for Data Presentation and Analysis
Martha C. Engstrom, MS
Health Knowledge and Intention To Quit Smoking in Chinese and Non-Chinese Smokers
Alice H. Fang, BS, Janice Tsoh, PhD
Consequences of Declining Response Rates for Estimating Population Smoking Rates*
Catherine A. Flynn, BA, Lois Biener, PhD, Anthony Roman, MA
Using Product Planning as an Impetus To Examine Organizational Infrastructures
Amy S. Gottlieb, MPH, Nell H. Gottlieb, PhD, Gail G. Sneden, MA, Philip Huang, MD MPH
Tobacco Dependence Curricula in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Education
Janie Heath, MS NP RN
Assessing Local Tobacco Control Coalitions
Barbara L. Hill, MSSW, D. Paul Moberg, PhD, David Ahrens, MS
A Survey of Pharmacists' Opinions and Practices Related to the Sale of Cigarettes in Pharmacies--Revisited
Jerome E. Kotecki, PhD
Data Processing Procedures of the Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) - a National and State-Based Multi-Stage Survey
Juliette C. Lee, MPH, Stephanie Staras, MSPH, Curtis Blanton, MS, Mark Tabladillo, PhD, Danielle Kahn, MSPH, LaTisha Lord, MPH, Leah Zinner, BA
California's Reductions in Smoking and Young Adult Injury Deaths: Useful Data for Advocacy
Bruce N. Leistikow, MD MS
Geo-Spatial Distribution of Tobacco-Related Disease in California: The Role of Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors
Robert I. Lipton, PhD
Acculturation and Smoking Behaviors Among Asian Immigrant Populations
Grace X. Ma, PhD, Yin Tan, MD, Xuefen Su, BA, Jamil Toubbeh, PhD
Smoking and Sense of Coherence (SOC) in a Low-Income Urban African American Population: Results From a Community-Academic Partnership Intervention Trial To Improve High Blood Pressure Care and Control
Anna C. Martin, PhD, Lee Bone, MPH RN, David Levine, MD ScD, Martha Hill, PhD RN, Barbara Curbow, PhD
Divergent Tobacco Use Patterns Among Californians of Asian Indian, Korean, and Filipino Ancestry
William J. McCarthy, PhD, Thomas Hanson, PhD, Hong Zheng, MS, Barbara Dietsch, PhD, Vanessa Beddo, MA
Rural-Urban Differences in the Social Climate Surrounding Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Robert C. McMillen, PhD, Julie Breen, BA, Arthur Crosby, PhD
One Year Followup Evaluation of the American Cancer Society's Smokers Quitline
Vance Rabius, ABD MA, Alfred McAlister, PhD, Michael Telch, PhD, Kimberly Hollister, BA, Angela Geiger, MBA, Ron Todd, MSEd
Process Evaluation Plan for Smoke-Free Families Prenatal Demonstration Projects
Catherine L. Rohweder, MPH, Cathy Melvin, MPH PhD, Dianne Barker, MHS
Demographic and Psychosocial Predictors of Smoking Behavior Change During Pregnancy: California, 1994--1995
Jessica R. Schumacher, MS, Rhonda Sarnoff, DrPH
Empowerment Evaluation: Tools for Youth and Adult Leaders
Sheryl A. Scott, MPH, Daniel Wilkes, Steve Johnson, MEd, Bronwyn Glenn, MPH, Delmonte Jefferson, MA
Case Studies in International Tobacco Surveillance: Cigarette Smuggling in Brazil
Omar Shafey, MPH PhD, Vilma Cokkinides, PhD, Tânia Maria Cavalcante, MD, Márcia Teixeira, MS, Cristiane Vianna, JD, Michael Thun, MD MS
A Pilot Study of Tobacco-Related Practices Among Hispanic Physicians
Francisco Soto Mas, ABD MD MPH, William Kane, PhD, Richard Papenfuss, PhD
Indicators of Depression and Risk-Taking Behavior Associated With Smoking Status Among Middle and High School Students in East Texas: Ethnic Differences
Luis F. Velez, MD, Sha Hua Hu, DrPH
Community Event Survey: One Approach to Data Collection for Large Events
Eric W. Walker, MS, Kimberly Floyd, PhD
Global Youth Risk Factor Surveillance Activities at CDC
Wick Warren, PhD, Laura Kann, PhD, Charles Gollmar, BA, Samira Asma, DDS, Curtis Blanton, MS
Who Are the Young People Who Have Never Smoked Cigarettes and What Risk Do They Face Regarding Exposure to Tobacco?
Wick Warren, PhD, Leah Zinner, BA, Heather Ryan, MPH, Curtis Blanton, MS, Juliette Lee, MPH, Stephanie Staras, MSPH, Latisha Lord, MPH
Development of an Evidence-Based Tobacco Control Resource Allocation Model for Los Angeles County
Mark D. Weber, PhD, Dee Ann Bagwell, MPH, Paul Simon, MD
Distribution of Smokers by Stage of Change: Current Population Survey Results
Mary E. Wewers, MPH PhD, Frances Stillman, EdD, Anne Hartman, MS, Donald Shopland, MS
Policy Predictors of Local Level Adult Smoking Prevalence and Quit Attempt Rates in a Tobacco Growing State
Amy Yoder, MSN RN
Impact of Smokers in the Household on Children’s Behavior, Attitudes, and Beliefs
Terrell W. Zollinger, DrPH, Robert Saywell, MPH PhD, Carolyn Muegge, MPH, Lora Bogda, MPH, Sandra Cummings, MSW
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