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CESS-186. Ideas on Cessation

Impact of Life-Threatening Respiratory Complications on Smoking Cessation. A Clinical "Stages of Change" Analysis
Zakari Y. Aliyu, MD
Ten Steps to Successful School-Based Tobacco Cessation*
Mary Beth Anderson, BA
Preliminary Outcomes of a Statewide Healthcare Provider Training Program in Tobacco Cessation
Bradford W. Applegate, PhD, Karen Crews, DMD, Thomas Payne, PhD, Cheryl Grubbs, MPH, Chad Eriksen
Lessons Learned: Cost Analysis of Mississippi's Quitline
Dara Bariola, BS
Implementation of a Tobacco Cessation Project in a Hospital-Based OB Clinic
Julia W. Blackwood, MA, Bernard Greisman, MD, Ana Basso, MD
Cessation Interventions for Smokers With Chest Pain Admitted to the Observation Unit
Beth C. Bock, PhD, Bruce Becker, MD, Raymond Niaura, PhD, Robert Partridge, MD
Tobacco Cessation for Medicaid Clients: Lessons Learned in Utah
Heather R. Borski, CHES MPH, Julie Olson, BS, Jenna Perego, MS, Michelle Porter, BS
A Model for Providing Inpatient Smoking Cessation Services: University/County Hospital/Public Health Partnership
Rebecca P. Cameron, PhD, Christine Vo, BS, John Wehner, MD, Smita Das, Emily Wien Fagans, MA, Nancy Houston Miller, RN, C. Barr Taylor, MD
Implementation of Staying Free: How Does an Empirically Validated Inpatient Smoking Cessation Intervention Fare After Dissemination?
Rebecca P. Cameron, PhD, Emily Wien Fagans, MA, Nancy Houston Miller, RN, C. Barr Taylor, MD
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth Smoking Cessation - The QUIT Project Based on ALA's Not On Tobacco Program*
Evelyn Castillo, MPH, Catherine Saiki, Joe Ereneta, Bob Gordon
Evaluation of a Statewide Newspaper-Mediated Stop Smoking Program in New York State
Paula B. Celestino, Paula Celestino, K. Michael Cummings, MPH PhD, Andrew Hyland, PhD
Community Capacity Building for Cessation Support in Toronto, Canada
Catherine A. Clarke, RN
Quitting on Their Own: Reviewing the Year After Helpseeking
Sharon E. Cummins, PhD, Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD, Sharon Cummins, PhD
Project EX, a School-Based Nicotine Cessation Study
Clyde Dent, PhD, Jaclyn E. Culleton, BA, Vonnie Pfingston, BA
Stage of Change and Smoking Cessation Outcomes in Adolescents
Geri Dino, PhD, Iftekhar Kalsekar, BS, Ancilla Fernandes, MS, Kimberly Horn, EdD, Geri Dino, PhD
Massachusetts Tobacco Treatment Specialists' Perceptions of Certification: A Telephone Survey *
Beth M. Ewy, CHES MPH, Kimberly Elbirt, PhD, Kara Ford, Lori Pbert, PhD
Help Mom Quit---Let's Be Tobacco Free: One-on-one Intervention To Facilitate Tobacco Cessation in Women of Childbearing Age in Rural Areas
Joanne M. Fedele, MS RN
Quit Time---Let's Be Smoke Free: A Group Cessation Program Targeting Adult Tobacco Users in a Rural Area
Joanne M. Fedele, MS RN
Integrating Spirituality in Telephonic Cessation Counseling
Elizabeth E. Fildes, BSN EdD MA, Richard Bissette, PhD, Susie Skarl, MLIS, George Kaiser, MD, Mandy Canales-Salazar, BS, Telisa Clevenger-Smith, MS
A College Smoking Cessation Program That Works*
Kevin T. Frentz, PhD
Creating a Protocol for the Treatment of Adolescent Smoking Cessation
Karen M. Garbarino, MPA, Jan Carney, MD MPA, Karen Garbarino, MPA
Does Personal Spiritual Practice Have a Role in Smoking Cessation? A Pilot Study
David Gonzales, PhD, Heather Murphy, BS, Donovan Redtomahawk, Elizabeth Allen, MS, Janet Spradley, MA
Relationships Between Child Hair Cotinine Levels and Parental Report of Smoking Behavior, Knowledge, and Beliefs
Judith A. Groner, John Hayes, PhD, Helen Nguyen, MPH, Robert Castile, MD
Infant Birth Weight and Smoking Status of Mothers: A Comparison Study in Alabama
Wendy S. Horn, CHES MPH, Lesa Woodby, PhD, Myra Crawford, PhD, Richard Windsor, PhD, J. Michael Hardin, PhD
Smoker Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Use of Stop Smoking Medications
Andrew Hyland, PhD, Michael Cummings, PhD, Joseph Bauer, PhD, Maansi Bansal, PhD, Gary Giovino, PhD
First Breath: Wisconsin's Prenatal Smoking Cessation Initiative
Lisette R. Jehn, MS, Mary Gothard, CHES, Terry Kruse, BSN, Nicole Lokker, BS, Bruce Christiansen, PhD, Kate Kvale, PhD
Three Case Studies of Smoking Moms in the Intervention Condition of the Healthy Tots Project
Jennifer A. Jones, MPH, Melbourne F. Hovell, MPH PhD, Joy M. Zakarian, MPH, Sarah Nordahl Larson, MS RD, Cynthia D. Rich, MS RD, Dawn M. Kerstetter, BA, Cynthia L. Shadoan-Ozbun, BS
Results From the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS), 2000: The Former Smoker
Murray Kaiserman, PhD, Carin Uhlik, Anne Zaborski
Center for Tobacco Cessation
Craig Kirchoff, BA, Linda A. Bailey, JD MHS
Symptoms of Nicotine Dependence in College Student Smokers
Charles Ksir, PhD, Tiffany Epperson, BA, Rebecca Woods
Effects of Subsidizing Nicotine Replacement Therapy on Quitline Participation and Quit Rates
Shelley MacAllister, MSW, Vance Rabius, ABD, Angela Geiger, MBA, K. Joanne Pike, LPC MA, Kim Hollister, BA
Emotional Distress and Motivation for Smoking Cessation Among Relatives of Lung Cancer Patients
Colleen M. McBride, PhD, Kathryn Pollak, PhD, Jennifer Garst, MD, Francis Keefe, PhD, Pauline Lyna, MPH
Effects of Smoking History and Nicotine Withdrawal on Cognitive Function
Adrianna Mendrek, PhD, Sara L. Simon, PhD, Mark S. Cohen, PhD, Murray E. Jarvik, PhD, Richard E. Olmstead, PhD, Arthur L. Brody, MD, Edythe D. London, PhD
Beyond Advertising: Strategies for Promoting Quit Line Usage on a Limited Budget*
Gloria K. Meyer, MA
Increasing Clinician Referrals to Quitline Services
Judi A. Mills, MPH, Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD
Tobacco-Related Practices of Primary Care Physicians in Jefferson County, KY
Charlene K. Mitchell, MD, Regan L. Moore, DDS, Gary Cusick, PhD
Adolescent Tobacco Cessation Through Parent Education
Nancy G. Murray, DrPH, Pamela Sinicrope, MPH, Mary Velasquez, PhD
Development and Overview of Smoking Cessation Program for Latino Youth
Susanna Nemes, PhD, Jeffrey Hoffman, PhD, Sharon Zack, MA, Jennifer Weil, MA, Kelly Munly, MA
Adolescent Smoking Cessation: A Pilot Program for High School Students
Meghan L. O'Connell, MPH, Matthew Freeman, MPH, Georgia Jennings, MPH, Wendy Chan, MPH, Laura Greci, MD, David Katz, MD MPH
Tailored Interventions for Smoking Cessation: A Pilot Study
Meghan L. O'Connell, MPH, Sean Lucan, MPAff, Ming-Chin Yeh, PhD, Wendy Chan, MPH, David Katz, MD MPH
Effect of Quitline Telephone Counselor Variables on Caller Success and Satisfaction
K. Joanne Pike, LPC MA, Vance Rabius, ABD MA, Angela Geiger, MBA
Attitudes, Beliefs and Lack of Self-Efficacy Toward Smoking and Cessation Among Pregnant Women of Childbearing Age in Alabama: Alabama Tobacco Free Families
Chastity N. Roberts, CHES MPH, Myra Crawford, MFA MPH PhD, Lesa Woodby, MPH MSPH PhD, Michael Hardin, MSPH PhD, Wendy Horn, CHES MSPH, Richard Windsor, MPH PhD, Dayna Cook, BSED
Report of a Hospital-Based Tobacco Intervention for Patients Admitted With Presumptive Acute Myocardial Infarction
Leah C. Rowland, BS, Jon Ebbert, MD, Thomas Gauvin, Lowell C. Dale, MD
West Virginia Experience
Gary Sams, Christina Mullins, MS, Norman Montalto
Arranging Follow-up for Recently Quit Smokers: Provider Referrals to the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line
Lisa L. Schroeder, MA, Lezli Redmond, MPH, Anne Schensky, Amy Brewer, MPH, Brion Fox, JD, Michael Fiore, MD MPH
Demographic Characteristics, Cessation History, and Stages of Change Status Among Users of a Web-Based Smoking Cessation Program
Peter L. Selby, CCFP MBBS MHSc, Peter Farvolden, PhD, Trevor van Mierlo, BA
Interactive Computer-Based Cessation Program for Smokeless Tobacco Users: Chewer's Choice
Herbert H. Severson, PhD, Christopher Williams, Rhonda Zarou, Steve Christiansen, Tom Jacobs
Bupropion for Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Trial
Joel A. Simon, MPH
Effect of Measurement on Children's Reported Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Joy M. Zakarian, MPH, Samuel T. Liles, MPH, Melbourne F. Hovell, MPH PhD, Sheila Valtulini, BA, Martha L. Noderer, MA, Jennifer A. Jones, MPH, Molly C Elchlepp, BS
Predictors of Children’s Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Home
Joy M. Zakarian, MPH, Samuel T. Liles, MPH, Melbourne F. Hovell, MPH PhD, Sheila Valtulini, BA, Martha L. Noderer, MA, Molly C. Elchlepp, BS, Jennifer A. Jones, MPH
Program Area:Cessation, Nicotine, and the Science of Addiction

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