Thursday, 21 November 2002: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

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Synar Penalty Payment "Pays Off" for West Virginia
Bruce W. Adkins, MS
States Enforcement of Youth Tobacco Access Laws: A National Progress Report
Alejandro A. Arias, EdD, Dave Robbins, MPA, Steve McElravy, MSW
Evaluating Media Literacy as a Statewide Anti-Tobacco Campaign Strategy
Erica W. Austin, PhD, Bruce Pinkleton, PhD, Marilyn Cohen, PhD
How Risky Is Tobacco Use? Perceptions and Measures of Resiliency in Elementary and Early Middle School Years
Sharon P. Brown, MPH MSN PhD
Evaluating Youth Attitudes Toward Tobacco-Control Policies
Claudia R. Bryant
A Statewide Evaluation of Youth Leadership Activities Related to Tobacco Control: Experiences From the Minnesota Youth Tobacco Prevention Initiative
Caroline Dunn, PhD, Phyllis Pirie, PhD, Rebecca Schierman, MPH, Jennifer Shepherd, MEd, Kristin Mellstrom, BA
A Comprehensive Health Education Program for K-3rd Graders on the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, Through Fun and Innovative Multi-Media Messages
Suzanne Ellis, MA, Melanie Corley, CHES
Tobacco Is Not Healthy for the Earth and Other Living Things
Lin K. Glen, MA
At Face Value: A Personalized Computer Demonstration of the Effects of Tobacco Use on Appearance
Patricia E. Hysert, BA, Mary T. Burt, BA, Amy L. Mirand, PhD, Gary A. Giovino, PhD, K. Michael Cummings, MPH PhD, Andrew Hyland, PhD
Assessing Minors' Access to Tobacco: Practical Issues Associated With Purchase Attempt Projects
Jennifer A. Jensen, MPH, Kennon Kashima, PhD, Elizabeth Klonoff, PhD, Hope Landrine, PhD
Three-Year Program for Developing and Implementing Youth Prevention Project
Joyce A. Lara, BS, Mary Ann Reed, BSN, Lori Moots, BSN RN
Beat the Smokin' Rap*
Patricia A. Lindsey, MA
Examining the Role of School Contextual Influences in Middle School Students' Intentions To Smoke
Alexandra Loukas, PhD, Nell H. Gottlieb, MAT PhD, Alfred McAlister, PhD, Philip P. Huang, MD MPH
Parental Communication and Cigarette Smoking Uptake Among Youth
George Luke, MS, Edward Trapido, ScD, Richard Rodriguez, MA
Conceptualizing “Youth Empowerment” in the Context of Tobacco Control
George Luke, MS
Relative Influences of Adult Supervision, Peer Pressure, and the Parent-Child Relationship on Adolescent Smoking
Michele M. Mouttapa, MA, Sohaila Shakib, PhD, Peggy Gallaher, PhD, Jennifer Unger, PhD, C.A. Johnson, PhD
Smoking Prevention and Cessation CD-ROM Curriculum for High School Students
Alexander V. Prokhorov, MD PhD, Steven H. Kelder, PhD, Jennifer L. Conroy, DrPH, Ross Shegog, PhD
Parental Monitoring and Cigarette Smoking Uptake Among Youth
Richard D. Rodriguez, MA, Edward Trapido, ScD
Tobacco Use Prevention Education and Cigarette Smoking Uptake
Richard D. Rodriguez, MA, Edward Trapido, ScD, David Lee, PhD, Rita Soza, PhD
Reaching Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning/Intersex Youth: Two Models From Boston and San Francisco
Amy L. Thibault, BSW, Catherine Saiki, BA, Joe Ereñeta
A School-Based Web Site To Enhance Communication and Partnerships Among Schools, Local Public Health, and Communities
Arlene A. Thornton, BA
Michigan's Tobacco-Free College Initiative
Teri Wilson, MPH
Social and Cultural Influences on Youth Tobacco Use in Turkey
Hulya Yuksel, MA
Program Area:Tobacco Use Prevention Among Youth

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