Tuesday, 19 November 2002: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Hilton San Francisco Franciscan Room A (100)

POLI-7. Latest Advice on Increasing State Excise Taxes

Moderator:Judith B. Stephany
11:00 AM Marrying Research and Surveillance Data Together To Make the Case To Increase Tobacco Excise Taxes*
Judith B. Stephany, BS
11:15 AM Exploring the Impact of Inflation on Cigarette Prices in Eight States, 1990-2000*
Trevor A. Woollery, PhD, Melanie Davis, MS, Jerelyn Jordan, BA
11:30 AM Leading the Pack on Tobacco Taxation in North America
Les Hagen, Roger Hodkinson, MA MB
Program Area:Public Policy and Advocacy Strategies

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* Presentation files available online