Wednesday, 20 November 2002: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

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D&D-187. Poster Session

Cigarette Smoking and Smoking Cessation Among Oldest-Old Chinese
Donna Shelley, MD, Nina Kontos, PhD
Understanding Disparities: Tobacco Product Availability Varies by Ethnicity/Race and Poverty
Bruce Christiansen, PhD, Richard Carr, MD MS, Catheryn Brue, MA, Chad Allen, BS, Brian Dalsing, BS, Donald Libby, PhD, Debbie Matitz
Lessons Learned Regarding Implementation of a Native American Teen Smoking Cessation Program
Vicki Cleaver, EdD, Laura Beebe, PhD, LaDonna BlueEye, BA, Tim TallChief, MEd
Meaning Behind the Numbers: The Role of Smoking in the Vietnamese Community
Tina H. Dang, BS MPH, Oanh Nguyen, MD MPH, Erin Jackson, BA MPH, Elisabeth Gleckler, BA MPH
Collaborations and Contributions in Developing Statewide Surveillance: Efforts of the State of Alaska and Alaska Native Tribal Health Organizations
Vanessa Y. Hiratsuka, BA, Barbara Cohea, MS
Smoking and Smoking-Related Health Issues in Depressed Individuals in Los Angeles County
Shari Mills, PhD, Mark Weber, PhD, Paul Simon, MD MPH
Women and Minority Populations as Targets: Critical Analysis of Tobacco Advertisement
Behjat A. Sharif, CHES PhD
Simple Ways All Youth Programs Can Reach the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning/Intersex Community
Amy L. Thibault, BSW, Joe Ereņeta, Catherine Saiki, BA
Ethnic Differences in Cigarette Smoking Among College Students: Examining the Role of Racism
KaMala S. Thomas, MA, Senaida Fernandez, BA, Elizabeth Klonoff, PhD, Hope Landrine, PhD
Tobacco Use and Health Status Among Low-Income Populations in Georgia
Nannette C. Turner, MPH, Doohee Lee, PhD
Silent Voices Speak Out
Roxanna L. Ursua, CHES MPH
Individualized Telephone Smoking Cessation Counseling for Black Women in ZIP Codes with Poor Birth Outcomes
Judy Walk, MA
Program Area:Increasing Diversity/Eliminating Disparities

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