Wednesday, 20 November 2002: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

Hilton San Francisco Union Square 3 & 4 (90)

D&D-171. Tobacco Control Programming: Collaboration and Partnerships

Moderator:Caryn Kauffman, CTTS LCSW RN
10:30 AM Fostering Collaboration Within and Between Diverse Communities Addressing Tobacco Control
Rod Lew, MPH
10:45 AM Tobacco Control Programming: Creating Comprehensive and Culturally Competent Services
Andrew R. Hamilton, BSN RN, Fred Rachman, MD, Susan Bennett, BSN RN
11:00 AM Eliminating Disparity in the Tobacco Control Arena: The Ambassador Tobacco Control Program
Barbara A. Mooring, BS, Theresa Reed, BS MD
11:15 AM Making Connections: An Action Guide for Working With Women’s Organizations
Caryn Kauffman, CTTS LCSW RN
Program Area:Increasing Diversity/Eliminating Disparities

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