Thursday, 21 November 2002: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Hilton San Francisco Continental Parlor 8 (100)

D&D-261. Addressing Poverty and Low SES in Tobacco Control

Moderator:Helen Lettlow
8:30 AM Cost Effectiveness of Three Counseling Methods
Martin C. Mahoney, MD PhD
8:45 AM A Study of N-O-T (Not on Tobacco) with Native American Youth
Kimberly A. Horn, EdD
9:00 AM Smoking Among Low Socioeconomic Status Populations
Robert H. Anderson, CHES MA, Sallie Beth Johnson, CHES MPH, Debra S. Oto-Kent, MPH
9:15 AM Relations Among Psychosocial Variables, Addiction, and Self-Efficacy in Lower vs. Higher Income Pregnant Smokers
Patricia Dolan Mullen, DrPH, Kathryn Pollak, PhD, Janet Groff, MD MSPH PhD, Carlo DiClemente, PhD
Part 1 
9:30 AM Walden House, Inc, “Liberate Yourself from Tobacco” Project (LYFT)
Brian Greenberg, PhD
9:45 AM University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Focus: Multi-population
Gaylene R. Mooney, RRT
Program Area:Increasing Diversity/Eliminating Disparities

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