Wednesday, 20 November 2002: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

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POLI-188. Poster Session

Community-Driven Organizing To Stop Tobacco Internet Sales
Alma Avila, MPH
Tobacco's Role in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Prevention: Policy and Program Issues
Donald R. Baker, PhD, Kenneth R. Wedel, PhD, Jeremy D. Higgins, MSW
Electronic Prevention Community Organizer ( An Online Tool for Tobacco Prevention Policy Advocacy
Lynn C. Cook, CHES MHS
Raising Cigarette Prices: Excise Taxes vs. Ad Valorem Taxes
Staci Croom, MS, Matthew Quick, MSPH, David Bourne, MD MPH
Limiting Point of Purchase Advertising: Merchant Persuasion vs. Local Ordinances
Andrew C. Davis, MA
Taking It a Step Further: Extending Smokefree Policies 20 Feet From the Door
Jody K. Durden, MPH, Elaine Tencati, CHES MPH
Tobacco-Free Parks Policy
Mandi E. George, BS CHES
Employing Peer Educators To Promote College Smoking Policy
Sharon Gibbs, BA, Nan Waltman, MPH
Preferences and Practices Among Renters Regarding Smoking Restrictions in Apartment Buildings
Deborah J. Hennrikus, PhD, Paul Pentel, MD, Sandra Sandell, PhD, Jeanne Weigum, MSW
Protected Rights: A Review of Smoking Policies in Correctional Facilities and Implications for Inmate Health
Alicia S. Hunter, JD MSW
How To Develop Regional African American Advocacy Partnerships
Denyse P. Jones, MSA
How Internet Cigarette Vendors Promote Cheaper and Tax-Free Cigarettes Online
Annice E. Kim, MPH, Kurt Ribisl, PhD, Rebecca Williams, MHS
Healthier Homes for Foster Children
Alejandra Labrado, BA
How a Local City Implemented a Stronger Restriction on Smoke-Free Public Playgrounds and Tot Lots Through Effective Collaboration With Local Coalitions and Successful Partnerships With City Departments, Regional Team, and Local Grassroots Organizations in Long Beach
Judeth V. Lagrimas, CHES MPH, Margaret Preacely, MPH, Margaret Preacely, MPH, Michael Lyde, PhD, Natalie Whitehouse-Capuano, MPH, Patricia Etem, MPH
Building National Collaborations: Strategies for the Medicare Stop Smoking Program
Carrie E. Larson, Karen Kolb, BA, Maribeth Lineberry, Elizabeth Micholovich, MPA, Jennifer Mongoven, MPH
Response to Tobacco Control Policies by African American Youth
Harmon L. Moats, BA
State Cigarette Excise Taxes and Adolescent Smoking Cessation
James M. Nonnemaker, PhD
Tobacco-Free Road on College Campuses
Ann-Jeanette P. Orante, MPH, Sang Leng Trieu, MPH, Vanessa Wise, Gini Crockett
Lessons From the NCI "Less Hazardous Cigarette" Program
Mark Parascandola, MPH PhD
Taking It to the Streets: Translating Research Findings Into Visual Stories
Jacquie A. Shillis, MEd, Nell Gottlieb, PhD, Gail Sneden, MS, Leslie Salmon-Zhu, BS
Outdoor Smoking Policy in Designated Areas Only
Audrey L. Smith, CHES MA RD, Michael Lyde, PhD
Understanding Tobacco Industry Activity in Massachusetts Through the Documents
Edward L. Sweda, JD
National Health Organizations Challenge Governors - Increase Excise Tax on Cigarettes and Save Lives
Candice L. Warltier, BA
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