2005 National Conference on Tobacco or Health 2005 National Conference on Tobacco or Health

Thursday, May 5, 2005 - 9:15 AM
Hyatt Regency Chicago H - Acapulco (140)

Protection from Second-hand Smoke in the Home: The Breathing Space Campaign

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Jane C. Loppe, BSc RD, Region of Peel Health Department, Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention, jane.loppe@peelregion.ca, Jane Loppe, jane.loppe@peelregion.ca.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to identify elements of an effective smoke-free homes communication campaign for both general and hard to reach audiences.


Although several small scale campaigns promoting smoke-free homes had been implemented in Ontario, difficulties in reaching homes with unrestricting smoking necessitated a coordinated approach across public health agencies.


Best practices research, consultation with experts in the field, audience analysis and segmentation, and focus testing of key messages contributed to the development of a comprehensive social marketing campaign. Phase one of the campaign, implemented in 2000, 2001 and 2003 targeted homes with smokers who were responsive to smoke-free homes messages, having few barriers to making their home smoke free. Phase two targets hard-to-reach audiences which includes smokers with barriers to making their homes smoke-free. This campaign will be implemented in spring of 2005 across 33 Ontario public health agencies. Both phases of the campaign utilize a variety of strategies including: print and radio advertisements and community-specific interventions.


Evaluation of the 2003 campaign found that the Breathing Space campaign significantly increased the likelihood that individuals would ask someone who smoked not to smoke in their home if children were present. Impact analysis of the campaign indicated that radio advertising exerted the greatest impact on the awareness of the hazards of second hand smoke and attitudes towards this issue. Evaluation of phase two of the campaign will be completed in May 2005.


A high quality social marketing campaign with broad reach can be highly effective in raising awareness of second-hand smoke exposure in homes.

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